make a wish

Can I talk to you for a minute?

A few months ago, I decided to dive head first in my pursuit of the Lord. I felt the God-size hole in my heart and it took almost 25 years for me to figure out that nothing and no one could fill that hole except for Jesus, His love and His grace. Ugh, I am HORRIBLE.

The days felt longer and so did the sleepless nights. I needed something. I needed community. I needed encouragement from Christian girlfriends. I needed prayer. I am sure you can imagine that some of my favorite friendships began to fall apart. I wasn’t really the fun friend anymore. People quit asking me to hang out on the weekends and I inherited the “grandma title” and was also called a “Jesus freak” HA–love it! After talking with one of my friends, I decided to text one of my old girlfriends and ask if I could join her Bible study. I was nervous, but I knew I wanted it-more like needed it. I needed support and encouragement–I needed community. I made a wish and the Lord blessed me with SO MUCH MORE.

As soon as I walked in, I automatically felt welcomed. I loved the girls and it didn’t take long for conversations to start and for introductions to be made. It felt like home. The study was a Jennie Allen original, Chased. ** I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE, GIRLS. In this study we learned about David’s life and how he truly had a heart for the Lord. Throughout this study, I craved time with the Lord. It became something that I depended on. I needed it. I needed Him–still do.

During this study, I was assigned a prayer partner. She allowed me to lay my mess on the table. After coffee dates, late night chats, and many hugs this girl helped me sort out my mess. She didn’t judge and never rolled her eyes. She simply rolled up her sleeves and said, hey, we’re gonna get you out of here. I am here and even though we just met, I like you and I want to help you. Um, wow..speechless.

There is nothing like a prayer partner. If you don’t have one–grab one. Have them hold you accountable. Have them question if you have been in the Word. Tell them your junk and listen to theirs. Life is crappy — and we can’t deal with any of it by ourselves.

I just want to seriously encourage you to plug into a community. Small groups are incredible because they are so sweet and allow things to get really real. Ask someone to get coffee and listen to them as they tell you their mess. Some of my favorite moments are when a dear friend has grabbed my hand and asked to pray for me. The thought still gives me chills.

How flipping sweet?

In January, I will be starting a Bible study for college and high school girls. This study can also be for anyone in their twenties. If you want community and fellowship–we would love to have you. If you are looking for something a little different, I can help you find the group that will help you the most. Girls, don’t waste anymore time. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Don’t question that. Surround yourself with people that will remind you of that and who have the same desires.

So yeah, love on your girls. Pray with them and encourage the crap out of them. We all have junk that’s no fun and what’s worse is to have to deal with it all alone. Community is awesome.

God knew EXACTLY what I wished for & He provided me with JUST that & SO MUCH MORE.




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